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April 2008
Vol 6, Issue 4
Annual Meeting abstract submission now closed2008 Annual Meeting
A record number of submissions were received for the 2008 Technical Program. Accepted submissions will have the opportunity to present to an expected attendance of more than 8 000 geoscience professionals! Status notification for submitted abstracts will be sent to authors in late June. For other important dates click here.
SEG China office opens
SEG President Fred Aminzadeh, the SEG Executive Committee, and the Board of Directors of SEG Global Inc. announce the official opening of the Society's first international office on 3 April 2008. Chief Representative Franco Yu and Associate Representative James Gao will staff the office.
SEG WelcomeSEG Online has a new look
Visitors to may have noticed that it now has a clean look and feel and a new color scheme. This is only one of many important changes to the members' Web site, and more will follow.
Digital Library gets full-text search
SEGDLThe SEG Digital Library now offers full-text search capability for the entire SEG Research Collection. This robust tool allows you to search on any word found anywhere in any SEG article available in HTML format.

April TLE features TLEoffshore technology
The next issue of TLE has a special section on offshore technology. An Acquisition/Processing article covers a new CMP stacking technique for seismic data. In Interpreter's Corner, Spikes et al. describe physics-driven inversion. Read these features and more in April's THE LEADING EDGE.
SEG/EAGE DISC tour starts in April
AbrielRegister early for one-day education programs taught by Distinguished Instructor William L. Abriel. The 2008 SEG/EAGE Distinguished Instructor Short Course, Reservoir Geophysics: Applications" has already visited Houston, Midland, and Dallas with rave reviews. The DISC will be in Calgary on 30 April and Denver on 2 May. Other dates in May include Tokyo, Beijing, amd Kuala Lumpur. Go online to view the course description and schedule. The book for this course is available for immediate purchase.

Take an Education Week course in Calgary
Education Week Calgary will be held 6-9 May in Calgary, AB, Canada. Courses scheduled 6-7 May are Borehole Geophysics: Theory and Practice" and Migration without Math," and SEG's newest course, Near-Surface Seismology" will be offered on 8-9 May. For more information, e-mail or call +1.918.497.5526.
SRW 08 - VancouverOnly a few more weeks to submit abstracts for the Vancouver 2008 SRW
The Summer Research Workshop Unconventional Resources: What do we know and what is the road ahead?" will be 7-11 September in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The SRW will cover subsurface technologies related to unconventional resources. Deadline for submissions (PDF) is 23 April.

DP Forum 2008
Attend the 2008 D&P Forum
in Austin, Texas

The 2008 Development and Production Forum - "The Roles of Scaling & Uncertainty in Reservoir Characterization" - will be an interactive forum with highly encouraged audience participation, and it will include both poster and oral presentations. Don't miss this forum 27-31 July in Austin, Texas. Visit the Web site to register.
SEG Regional Lecturer to tour Johann
Central and South America

Paulo Johann, Regional Lecturer for Central and South America, began his tour in April. Click here for more details.

Tour continues for Distinguished
Lecturer Tadeusz Ulrych 

Ulrych"Tad's lecture was both entertaining and thought-provoking - a great combination. Tad's enthusiasm for geophysics and signal processing is abundantly evident," said one attendee. See Ulrych's schedule.
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Technical Program closed
SEG China office opens
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6-10 April
Saint Petersburg, Russia

EAGE/EAGO/SEG Saint Petersburg

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