April 2009

Vol 7, Issue 4

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The Leading Edge


Upcoming meetings

24–27 April 2009
Beijing, China
CPS/SEG Beijing 2009

4–7 May 2009
Houston, USA
2009 Offshore Technology Conference

29–30 June 2009
Denver, USA
SPE/AAPG/SEG joint workshop:
From Macro to Micro: The Description and Analysis of Tight Gas Sand Reservoirs

Pubs bulletSEG publications

Recent publications

Digital Imaging and Deconvolution
by Enders A. Robinson and Sven Treitel

Seismic Interferometry
Edited by Kees Wapenaar, Deyan Draganov, and Johan O. A. Robertsson

Nominees selected for 2009 elections
A slate of nominees has been selected for the 2009–2010 Executive Committee. Read more about these individuals.

Houston abstract submission deadline is next week
Submit your expanded abstract before 5 p.m. (CDT), 8 April 2009. For further instruction on how to submit your expanded abstract via the SEG online submission system, please see the 2009 Abstract Kit.

2009 DISC tour comes to North America
Patrick Corbett The 2009 SEG/EAGE Distinguished Instructor Short Course (DISC) titled "Petroleum geoengineering: Integration of static and dynamic models will be in North America at the end of April. Visit the DISC Web site for the complete schedule and information on how to register for this professional development opportunity.

Distinguished and Honorary Lecturers

Per AvsethJack Bouska’s Distinguished Lecturer tour, featuring his presentation titled "Integrating seismic acquisition and processing," goes to the United States and Canada. Go online to view Bouska's abstract and schedule.

Read Jack Bouska's article about his lecture topic.

Per AvsethPer Avseth continues his Honorary Lecturer tour in Europe, presenting his lecture titled “Mind the gap in seismic reservoir prediction: How rock physics can bridge the gap between qualitative geology and quantitative geophysics.” Go online to view Avseth's abstract and schedule.

Read Per Avseth's article about his travels.

Andrew LongIn May, Pacific South Honorary Lecturer Andrew S. Long begins his tour to Indonesia, New Zealand, and Australia. His lecture is titled “Multi-azimuth and wide-azimuth seismic: Foundations, challenges, and opportunities.”  You can view his abstract and itinerary online.

Volunteer to be an SEG Corporate Champion!
Join usShow your leadership skills and commitment—volunteer to be an SEG Corporate Champion. Recruit SEG members within your company and receive recognition for both you and your company! Get started online today!

Graduates, redeem your gift
SEG is giving graduating Student Members a free, one-year Associate membership the year following graduation! As a graduating Student Member, you may transfer your membership to an Associate membership by simply notifying SEG Member Services that you graduated in 2008.

Please be sure your graduation date is current. To update your graduation date or to transfer to the Associate membership, please contact us today by e-mail, phone +1.918.497.5581, or fax +1.918.497.5565.

Courses in Calgary
SEG presents "Borehole geophysics: Theory & practice, a practical understanding of poststack migration, petroleum systems of deepwater settings, and pore pressure prediction in practice" on 11-14 May 2009 in Calgary, Canada. To register, download the registration form or log in to your My SEG account.

Courses in Munich
GeoNeurale in Munich, Germany, will host two SEG courses in April. The courses are “Multicomponent seismic, principles and spplications” (PDF) by Robert Garotta on 22-24 April 2009 and "Seismic Interpretation in the Exploration Domain (PDF) by Tim Smith on 27-29 April 2009. Go to the GeoNeurale Web site for more information about the courses and how to register.

Foundation logo

Your Foundation supports you where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going. Visit us online for more information about the SEG Foundation and how to support it.

The SEG Foundation's mission:
To encourage and support scientific, educational, and charitable activities of benefit to the general public, to geophysicists, and to the geophysical community.

"Advancing Geophysics Today,
Inspiring Geoscientists for Tomorrow

2009 SEG/ExxonMobil
Student Education Program

SEP_LogoApplications for the SEG/ExxonMobil Student Education Program (SEP) in North America are due by 1 July 2009. Visit us online for more information about SEP and how to apply.

April TLE: Offshore technology
TLE cover The April issue of The Leading Edge has a special section about offshore technology which emphasized the emerging role of reverse time migration. Read about those chosen for the Honors and Awards given at the 2008 Annual Meeting.

Geophysics: Rainbow in the Earth
The March–April issue of Geophysics includes a special section on Rainbow in the Earth, focusing on scale-frequency phenomena. Thirteen papers were assembled, representing a selection of notable contributions to three recent meetings that brought together scientists from a diverse range of disciplines for a discussion around a common theme of scale and frequency dependence of geophysical properties.

EAGE/SEG Research Workshop 2009 call for papers
The EAGE/SEG Research Workshop Frequency attenuation and resolution of seismic data," will be held in Boltaña, Spain, 14–17 September 2009. Submit your paper on any of the event’s topics before 19 April.

SEG transfers standards to OGP
SEG has transferred custodianship of its positioning data exchange formats to the International Association of Oil & Gas Producers (OGP), and OGP is seeking public comment to inform its revision processes for two of these standards by 15 April. Read more on our Web site.

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