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March 2014

Recognizing the 2014 GWB Committee


William (Bill) Doll is the newest chair of the Geoscientists Without Borders® (GWB) Committee. Bill leads the Committee at a time of transition. The program is established and in a stable growth phase rather than testing an idea. Other past Chairs; Roel Snieder, Craig Beasley and Mihai Popovici served on the committee at the inception of the program in spring 2008 and frequently still represent the program at various public speaking opportunities. The mission and the passion of the volunteers have remained unchanging since the start.

Many committee members represent the program by lending their ideas and their passion for GWB at speaking opportunities and participating in strategic planning for the stability and future of the program. Without their leadership, there would be no Geoscientists Without Borders®.

Committee members work closely with staff and the Foundation Board of Directors to recommended projects for award based on a thorough and considered review of the proposals. Fairness, transparency and a keen eye to the benefits to the people involved are hallmarks of the process. The initial committee guided the development of the program diversity in location, application, and topic. Current committee members; William (Bill) Doll (Chair), Najib Abusalbi, Michael Burianyk, Isabell Lambert, Tijmen Jan Moser, Jon Nyquist, Gregg Parker, Jan van der Kruk, and Anupama Venkataraman. Other members served on the GWB Committee at different times; Louise Pellerin, Sue Webb, Panos Kelamis, Luc Ikelle, Klaus Holliger, Augustinus Berkhout and Paulo Johann. Each served with purpose and passion and SEG is grateful now along with the many people who benefited from the "application of geophysics for humanitarian benefits."

GWB-News-August2013My view is that it is the most important committee that one can serve on for SEG. This committee has the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of people around the world. We have the opportunity to improve the quality of life for some of  those in greatest need. How often can you say that, either in your personal life or your professional life?

Bill Doll
Chairman, 2014 GWB Committee

Geoscientists Without Borders® (GWB) is delivering results through 17 different field projects in 14 countries. Watch for the next issue to learn about two new projects!

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