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Geophysics is an ever-advancing science. To keep up with the changes and anticipate what's coming in the future, geophysicists are constantly educating themselves through relevant texts, online video, and recorded lectures.

To help its members stay on top of the changing technology, SEG makes available peer-reviewed applied-geophysics literature as well as educational courses and innovative research, all through a variety of highly accessible media.

SEG has established guidelines to assist you in submitting content for publication consideration.

TLE Geophysics


SEG's publications program helps the Society fulfill its mission of promoting the science of geophysics and the professional development of geoscientists by disseminating information about geophysical research and applications through a variety of channels.



SEG offers several e-mail newsletters and will be expanding its available choices even more in the coming months.



SEG has been committed to providing top quality continuous professional enrichment for over 7 decades. Now these wide varieties of offerings are accessible anytime, anywhere.



SEG publications such as Geophysics publish articles that make research results available to the global geophysical community. The SEG Annual Meeting and other SEG meetings around the world provide the venue for researchers to present leading edge research and receive feedback from peers.


Sections & Societies

SEG works with organizations and trade unions around the globe to bring geophysical education and debate to geophysicists. These organizations have been recognized by SEG leadership as groups that can enhance the growth of the geophysical industry.