Excerpt from Standing Committees section of the SEG Procedures Manual



The committee is comprised of a chairman appointed or reappointed annually by the President. The Committee Chairman selects committee members based on their interest and willingness to devote time and effort to meet the objectives of the committee. At the time of his appointment (or shortly thereafter), the newly appointed Committee Chairman shall name a Committee Vice Chairman and provide his name to the President and Executive Director.

The Vice Chairman shall act as Chairman in the absence or incapacity of the Chairman and shall, if recommended by the Chairman, be the primary candidate for subsequent appointment as Committee Chairman.

The Chairman should give careful consideration to the performance, accessibility, and (where applicable) technical competence of the Vice Chairman prior to making a recommendation to the President for his final approval.

In addition to leading the Translations Committee, the Chairman serves as a member of the Publications Committee and the Publications Policy Committee.


The purpose of the SEG Translations Committee is to review books and articles published internationally and to recommend to the Editor and/or Chairman of the Publications Committee published materials (books or articles) which are deemed to be of sufficient interest to the general membership to warrant translation and publication either in SEG journals or as an SEG special publication. The committee historically has focused translations into English but has expanded its role to consider also translations of works into other languages.

The review process needs to address several questions that help the SEG Translations Committee decide if a candidate book should or should not be translated and published. The most salient of these questions are:

  • Does the book make a reasonable contribution to the literature of the target language?
  • Is the subject matter of the book of sufficient interest to the general membership of the SEG?
  • Would you recommend this book for use by graduate students?
  • Do you recommend that the book be translated and published?
  • The following questions become particularly relevant if the last question has been answered with "yes."
  • Are the references up-to-date and refer to literature accessible to an English-speaking reader?
  • Are there enough figures and are they of acceptable quality?
  • Should the author(s) be asked to update, expand or shorten the book prior or during the translation?
  • Can you recommend/suggest a translator for the book?
  • Can you recommend/suggest an editor for the book?

Translations of books, whether the translations are into English or another language, are considered a service to the membership. As such they need not necessarily produce income for the Society. However, the committee should make every effort to select books for translation that have a reasonable chance to at least break even.


The Publications Committee is assigned responsibility for seeking materials worthy of consideration as special publications. The Publications Committee recommends to the Executive Committee, through the Editor, the publication of special volumes. The Translations Committee, in recommending to the Publications Committee a title for translation and publication as an SEG special publication, should include the name of the translator, a special editor to review the translated material (if required), and any costs involved in the translation. A title recommended by the Translations Committee automatically gains the status of an accepted proposal within the Publications Committee’s approval and manuscript development process. The Translations Committee Chairman becomes the Managing Editor of the recommended translation, responsible for selecting a Volume Editor to work with translators and authors to ensure the technical quality of the translated work. Once the translation is deemed ready for publication by the Volume Editor, the Managing Editor (Translations Committee Chairman), and the Publications Committee Chairman, the recommendation goes to the Executive Committee as a Publications Committee recommendation that the work be approved for publication, the same procedure as with any other SEG special publication.