Geophysics earns third highest impact factor in 2011

Geophysics achieved the third highest impact factor in the journal's history in 2011 with a rating of 1.418, according to the Science Edition of Thomson Reuters' Journal Citation Reports. The rating for 2011 is 0.014 of a point higher than 2010's rating of 1.404, which is now the fourth highest impact factor for Geophysics. The journal attained its highest rating of 1.662 in 2009.

Geophysics' impact factor was 41st highest among 76 journals in the Journal Citation Reports' Geochemistry and Geophysics category. Three out of the four highest impact factor ratings for Geophysics have been in the last three years, reinforcing the journal's status as the world's preeminent applied-geophysics journal.

"It is nice to see that the increasing trend of the two-year impact factor continues. With a growing number of submitted and published papers, especially from international authors, this result indicates that the manuscripts published by Geophysics are widely read and utilized," said Editor Tamas Nemeth.

The impact factor rating was calculated by taking the number of cites in 2011 to GEOPHYSICS articles published in 2009 and 2010 and dividing it by the number of Geophysics articles published in 2009 and 2010.

Additional 2011 ratings and Geochemistry and Geophysics journal rankings provided in the Journal Citation Reports bolster Geophysics' relevance:

  • Number of articles published: 259 (tied for 7th)
  • Total cites (total number of times journal was cited by all journals): 9661 (10th)
  • Five-year impact factor: 1.713 (34th)
  • Immediacy index (cites in 2011 divided by articles published in 2011): .220 (46th)
  • Cited half-life (median age of articles cited: >10.0 years (one of 26 journals)
  • Eigenfactor score (impact factor calculation that includes citation in social-science journals, excludes citations to articles in the same journal, and weighs in time researchers spend reading the journal): 0.01603 (12th)
  • Article influence score (relative importance of a journal on a per-article basis; a score above 1.00 indicates journal has above-average influence): 0.602 (44th)