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Perpetual Access

Academic Institutions and Not-for-Profit Research Institutes: $8,150

Corporations and Government Agencies: $24,500

A one-time fee provides permanent acquisition of all SEG eBooks titles online at the time of purchase and those added during the remainder of the calendar year. There are more than 120 titles in this growing collection. Titles added after the initial year of purchase can be purchased individually or accessed with an annual subscription. Content can be accessed via the SEG Digital Library.

Annual Subscription

Academic Institutions and Not-for-Profit Research Institutions: $900

Corporations and Government Agencies: $2,715

Subscribing to SEG eBooks provides access to the entire collection during the term of the subscription, including new books published during the course of the year. Institutions gain perpetual access to titles published during the terms of their subscriptions. Institutions that have purchased perpetual access to the entire collection enjoy a 20% discount off the annual subscription fee in subsequent years.

Perpetual Access Purchase of Individual Titles

Individual titles are available for perpetual-access purchase. See prices.

All pricing is for single sites. Multisite pricing available upon request. Download flyer.



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