Software Technical Support for GEOROM® I-VII and Historical Series Sets Prior to 2001

WordKeeper™ FAQ

Q: What is WordKeeper™?
A: WordKeeper™ is software that reads data on discs included in both products that cover pre-1993 publications. Journals and abstracts for 1993 forward are presented in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. Updated versions of both GEOROM® and the Expanded Abstracts Historical Series are presented entirely in PDF format. NOTE: Neither SEG nor the original publishers of WordKeeper™ support the WordKeeper™ product. However, these documents remain available for owners of legacy SEG products seeking to resolve WordKeeper™ issues themselves.

Q: On what platforms will the WordKeeper™ operate?
A: DOS, 16-bit Windows and early Macintosh systems. Users manuals for each of these platforms are provided here:

Dos Users ManualWindows User ManualMacintosh Users Manual

Q: Where are the WordKeeper™ installers?
With the GEOROM® product there is a disc named Supplemental Disc which contains the installers. With the Expanded Abstracts Historical Series, the installers reside on the disc labeled Current Series 1993-1995 .

Q:How do I install WordKeeper on Windows NT/2000/XP?
We provide two sets of instructions: NT/2000/XP installation for GEOROM® and NT/2000/XP installation for the Expanded Abstracts Historical Series.

Q: Now that I have WordKeeper installed, what do all these icons mean?
All the icons and their descriptions are listed below.

Q: Is SEG going to replace the WordKeeper application?
A: Yes. SEG replaced WordKeeper™ with a pure PDF system as of GEOROM® VIII, published in 2001. The latest version, GEOROM® X, includes all published materials on a single DVD-ROM.

Q: How do I obtain the latest versions of GEOROM® and the Expanded Abstracts Historical Series?
A: These products are available through the SEG Book Order Department, phone: +1.918.497.5546; fax: +1.918.497.5558; email: . These products also can be ordered online through the SEG Online Book Mart. Full descriptions of the GEOROM® and Expanded Abstracts Historical Series are also available in the online publications catalog.


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