SEG publishes journals, books, and digital works with the primary aim of disseminating research in and theory and applications of applied geophysics. Consistent with this objective, the Society provides mechanisms for those who seek to reuse or republish material from SEG publications while protecting the viability of the SEG publications program. Any further questions about permissions can be sent via email to the SEG publications department at

Fair use
Authors and publishers may present or republish up to two figures or tables per SEG article or per SEG book without seeking written permission from SEG, provided that full acknowledgment of the source is provided in the new work. If SEG has cited a publication for which it is not the publisher, rights should be obtained from that publisher. SEG considers this fair use. There are no fees associated with this permission. Authors who need documentation that SEG is extending this permission are encouraged to print this message and present it to their publishers. Those who require further documentation should contact the SEG publications director. Requests to use any portion of "Seismic Data Analysis: Processing, Inversion, and Interpretation of Seismic Data" should be directed to the SEG publications director.

Permission granting
Those seeking permission to republish more material than described above should contact the SEG publications director. Such requests should include complete citations of works for which permission to republish is sought. If permission for specific figures or tables is sought, please provide figure and table numbers. Requests should include a description of the work in which the SEG material would be republished. Information about the audience and the intended distribution also should be included. The requests should be prepared on institutional letterhead if the requesting party is representing an institution. License fees are assessed only when the request is for a large amount of material or when the proposed usage is commercial in nature or would limit SEG's market. If a license fee is assessed, it must be paid prior to use or the permission is void.

Purchase redistribution rights online
Those seeking to redistribute SEG publications or portions thereof in print, by fax, or online may purchase permission to do so online. SEG publications are registered with the Copyright Clearance Center, and licenses to redistribute SEG articles and portions of books are obtained through this nonprofit agency. Special pricing is available for university professors, including license to distribute SEG material through electronic course packs. Licenses also are available for distribution of journal articles and expanded abstracts via email or posting on Intranets and Extranets for limited time periods.

Authors' right to redistribute
Authors of articles in Geophysics, Interpretation, The Leading Edge, and the Technical Program Expanded Abstracts may post their own articles on their personal Web sites or the Web sites of their institutions without obtaining further permission from SEG. Authors of journal articles and Expanded Abstracts retain similar rights for print redistribution. If an author or an author's institution redistributes an author's article online or in print, the original publication venue encompassed in a complete citation and including SEG's status as publisher must be identified. Authors of SEG books, or portions of SEG books, must seek permission from the SEG publications director to redistribute these works in any form. Such permission will not be withheld if SEG's investment in the original publication of the works is not threatened. Questions should be directed to the publications director.