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The Leading Edge Digital Edition is a complete digital reproduction of the print version of The Leading Edge in an easy-to-use portable format. Making the most of modern technology, the TLE Digital Edition can be viewed within a web browser, downloaded for offline viewing, or saved as a PDF file. This gives members the ability to create a personalized searchable digital archive of TLE on their own computers or Web-compatible devices such as tablets and e-readers.

Features of The Leading Edge Digital Edition include:

  • A more robust and interactive reading experience
  • Search functionality to find specific terms in an individual issues or across multiple issues
  • Linked references to locate and even download source materials for articles
  • Linked email and web addresses for authors and advertisers
  • Zooming capabilities to provide enhanced clarity of images
  • Multimedia files that can be accessed within the issue
  • Professional and social network compatibility for sharing and commenting on articles

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