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November 2011 Vol. 30, No. 11


Nominations News

Bob Hardage, President

Drag net out for SEG Board of Directors candidates

As you read this, the SEG Committee on Nominations is in a race to identify candidates who would stand for election to positions on the 2012–13 Board of Directors, which would include the officers of the next Executive Committee. These positions need to be filled to implement our new SEG governance. Some may think this early selecting of Board candidates is premature because the voting by Active Members on whether to approve or reject the proposed Bylaws that would establish the Board as SEG's governing body will not be completed until mid-December.

However, if the committee waits until December to begin its work, a list of candidates cannot be finalized in time for publication, as required by the past and proposed Bylaws, in the April issue of TLE. The majority of our SEG membership probably does not understand the challenge faced by the Committee on Nominations each year as it searches for qualified people to stand for election to SEG offices. For our yearly election to run smoothly and to be on schedule, candidates need to be identified in November and initial inquiries made in December as to the candidates' interest in standing for office. If the proposed Bylaws are approved, the work of the Committee on Nominations will essentially double. Few realize the pressure under which this committee must work and the invaluable service it does for our Society. Let's do all we can to support the committee and its chair, former President Klaas Koster, fulfill its responsibilities.

A separate and significant election process is now under way as the Council, also anticipating approval of the proposed Bylaws, moves toward electing the Chair of the Council, who will sit on the SEG Board of Directors. The Council election would run in parallel with the election of the other Board members by vote of the Active Members. This election for Council Chair is the first in the history of the Council, which was established in 1948 — 18 years after SEG itself was founded.

All indications are that the proposed Bylaws will be approved. Consequently, significant SEG history will be made over the next several months as the first SEG Council Chair (elected by the Council) and 13 members (elected by our Active Membership) are chosen to populate the first SEG Board of Directors. Accompanying this article, please find a list of the nine offices for which recommendations for 2012–2013 nominees are expected to be needed.

Job descriptions for each Board of Directors position are being developed. It is unfortunate they are not available to be shared with this call for candidate recommendations. Under the circumstances, we ask that you take a leap of faith by putting forth names of those with good leadership skills, strong skills for specific positions as may be obvious by their titles, and history of effective leadership within SEG. These are preferred skills and experience for all Board positions in varying degrees.

Because they are entirely new to SEG, the Director at Large positions are the ones in most need of clarification. Please accept this general guideline as you consider which Active Members to suggest as candidates: The Board can best reach its potential of representing the entire membership if its membership is collectively diverse in skills and engagement with consitutencies of all types.

If you have recommendations for Board positions, please send them to elections@seg.org and include a brief description of why you are suggesting a particular person for a particular leadership role. Messages sent to this e-mail address will go to the Committee on Nominations chair. Your help is valued as reform of the Society's governance advances.

Nominees Needed!

Please submit recommendations for positions on the 2012–2013 SEG Board of Directors, which would be created if proposed Bylaws are approved by Active Members voting on them now. Recommendations are needed to fill the following nine anticipated Board positions:

  • President-Elect (three years of Board service)
  • Treasurer (two years of Board service)
  • Second Vice President (two years of Board service)
  • Director at Large (one year of Board service)
  • Director at Large (one year of Board service)
  • Director at Large (two years of Board service)
  • Director at Large (two years of Board service)
  • Director at Large (three years of Board service)
  • Director at Large (three years of Board service)

The Council would select the Chair of the Council. Three current members of the Executive Committee would become 2012–2013 Board members: President Bob Hardage would become Past-President, President-Elect David Monk would become President, Second Vice President Richard D. Miller would become First Vice President, and Editor Tamas Nemeth would remain in his position for the second year of his two-year term.

The October issue of TLE contains the Bylaws under consideration by the Active Members plus graphics that show all would-be Board positions and the election cycle for each office.

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