IQ Earth Forum

Quantitative Subsurface Integration

25-28 January 2010
Charleston, South Carolina

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The Society of Exploration Geophysicists convened an IQ Earth Forum to initiate concrete discussions to create a fundamental change in visualizing and predicting subsurface structure, rock and fluid properties; driven by renewed focus on multidisciplinary integration and the new quantitative earth model paradigm.

This is a bold challenge that most players in the petroleum industry realize and to various degrees are already addressing. Leading universities are also establishing multidisciplinary educational initiatives to enable the next generation subsurface scientist.

The Forum was a critical first step toward a successful multi-year initiative. Thirty-three invited presentations addressed topics from technology to work process to people. Discussions at the forum will guide the future direction of the new SEG IQ Earth initiative. Success will add lasting value to the business of petroleum exploration and production.

The Forum brought together prominent invited participants from a broad range of oil companies, service companies, and universities.

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John Reidar Granli
Chief Geophysicist, Exploration

Robert Talley
Director Geosciences Technology
Anadarko Petroleum

Mike Loudin
Global Geosciences Hiring and Development Manager
ExxonMobil Exploration

Emmanuel Gringarten
Solution Manager - Reservoir Modeling and Reservoir Engineering

Lesli Wood
Senior Research Scientist
Bureau of Economic Geology
The University of Texas – Austin

Bård Krokan
Sr. VP Exploration Technology
Missy Feeley
Chief Geoscientist
ExxonMobil Exploration
Patrick Corbett
Total Professor Petroleum Eng
Heriot Watt University
Bob A. Hardage
Senior Research Scientist
Bureau of Economic Geology
The University of Texas - Austin
John W. Gibson