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The SEG Advanced Modeling Corporation has been a favorite topic of SEG journals, conferences, and Annual Meetings since its inception.

About SEAM

The SEAM Story

The story of SEAM as told at SEG Denver 2014.


SEAM news and press releases from 2007 to the present.

SEAM Articles in TLE

Regular SEAM updates and other articles from SEG's leading publication.

SEAM 2013 Workshop Presentations

Presentations from Geoscience Advancements with SEAM Data.

Other SEAM Presentations

SEAM presentations from workshops, conferences, and the Annual Meetings.

SEAM Outputs

SEAM Data Products

SEAM Phase I data sets and models, available for licensing.

SEAM Technical Abstracts

Papers and abstracts based on SEAM data sets and models.

SEAM Phase I eBook

Challenges of Subsalt Imaging in Tertiary Basins

Open SEAM Data

Open Data available for download – no license fees.

SEAM Administration

SEAM Bylaws

Bylaws of the SEG Advanced Modeling Corporation.

SEAM Membership Agreement

Agreement for potential participants in SEAM Phase II.

SEAM Coding

SEAM coding (IWAVE) is provided by the Rice University Inversion Project.

SEAM Annual Reports

Annual reports on SEAM status and activities since its formation.