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The SEAM Story

SEAM Phase I was a great success, and SEAM Phase II is gaining momentum as well. Click here to hear the SEAM story as told at SEG Houston 2013.

Didn't catch the SEAM workshop?
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Selected presentations from the SEAM 2013 Workshop are now available for download.

Phase I Data
Data Models and Data Sets now available
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Phase I Technical Abstracts
Imaging of primaries and multiples with 3D SEAM synthetic
Lu, Whitmore, Valenciano, and Chemingui
RTM images from SEAM data show interesting features
Stork, Compton, and Heuermann
Improved RTM depth image with full waveform inversion
Bulcão, Filho, Catão, Moreira, Van den Berg, and Gisolf
Resolution analysis for full wavefield inversion and its application to time-lapse
Song, Baumstein, and Routh
Efficient parallel algorithms for Hierarchically SemiSeparable (HSS) matrices: Kernel of a massively parallel structured direct Helmholtz solver
Wang, Xia, Situ, de Hoop, and Li
Fast stochastic inversion of marine CSEM and seismic data with the Neighbourhood Algorithm
Fliedner, Treitel, Frenkel, and MacGregor
On the separation of simultaneous-source data by inversion
Ayeni, Almomin, and Nichols
Multiple attenuation challenges for a multivessel coil survey
Espinoza, Dragoset and Curtin
Green's theorem derived methods for preprocessing seismic data when the pressure P and its normal derivative are measured
Mayhan, Terenghi, Weglein and Chemingui
RTM angle gathers using Poynting vectors
Dickens and Winbow
Time‐reversal methods for RTM and FWI
Anderson, Tan and Wang
SEAM Phase 1, SeisSpace RTM Results
Stork and Compton
Phase I eBook


Visit the SEG eShop for your copy of SEAM Phase 1: Challenges of Subsalt Imaging in Tertiary Basins, with Emphasis on Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

SEAM Coding

SEAM Phase I Coding is provided by the Rice University Inversion Project.

IWAVE: A Framework for Regular-Grid Finite Difference Modeling
IWAVE: simulation framework and acoustic simulator
external website

Phase I Survey Results

74% of SEAM Phase I Participants enthusiastically expressed their satisfaction with the Phase I project in a July 2009 survey.


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Updates on SEAM projects appear regularly in the pages of the SEG periodicals The Leading Edge and Geophysics.

Phase I
SEAM update: Completion of Phase I Acoustic Simulations
TLE June 2010
SEAM update: Models for EM and gravity simulations
TLE February 2010
SEAM Phase I Progress Report: "Classic" Data Sets
TLE October 2009
SEAM Phase I Progress Report: Quality Control
TLE July 2009
SEAM update: Numerical simulation verification
TLE March 2009
SEG Advanced Modeling (SEAM): Phase I First Year Update
TLE August 2008
SEAM — Pooling Resources to Advance Seismic Modeling
Geophysics September-October 2007
SEAM: Advancing Geophysics through Building Collaborative Partnerships
TLE August 2007
SEAM Launched in March
TLE June 2007
SEAM Update SEAM Phase I-RPSEA update: Elastic simulations issued by SEAM phase II
TLE April 2013
SEAM Update: Status of simulations
TLE December 2012
SEAM Update: Controlled-source electromagnetic simulations
TLE September 2012
SEAM Update: TTI Simulations
TLE May 2012
Full-Wave Form Inversion of Seismic Data with the Neighborhood Algorithm (Fliedner, Treitel, MacGregor; Rock Solid Images)
TLE May 2012
SEAM Update: Elastic Simulations
TLE January 2012
SEAM update: Phase I-RPSEA progress includes new activities
TLE September 2011
SEAM update: Construction of a tilted transverse isotropic model
TLE March 2011
Absorbing Upper Surface Simulations on the SEAM Variable-Density Acoustic Model
TLE October 2010
SEAM update: Completion of Phase I Acoustic Simulations
TLE June 2010
SEAM update: Models for EM and gravity simulations
TLE February 2010


Phase II
SEAM Update SEAM Phase II: The Arid Model—Seismic exploration in desert terrains
TLE June 2013
SEAM Update SEAM update—First RFB on numerical simulations issued by SEAM phase II
TLE March 2013
SEAM Update: Phase II – Surface Waves in Land Seismic Exploration
TLE October 2012
SEAM Update: Phase II - The Unconventional Model
TLE June 2012
SEAM Update: Phase II - Land Seismic Challenges
TLE March 2012


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A record of the resources and workshop materials from the lifespan of SEAM projects.

Phase I Workshop Presentations
SEG 2009
Overview of SEAM Initiative
W. Abriel (1.6MB PDF)
Technical & Operational Overview of SEAM Phase I Model
M. Fehler (6.9MB PDF)
Construction & Composition of the SEAM Phase I Model
R. Day, E. Naylor, J. Stefani, D. Stoughton) (7.3MB PDF)
Numerical Simulations
W. Symes, S. Morton (188KB PDF)
Acquisition Design & Classic Datasets
A. Seitchik, C. Meeder (1.6MB PPT)
Data Storage & Distribution
S. Levin (2.6MB PDF)
M. Fehler (1.2MB PDF)
CSEM survey Design & Modeling
M. Frenkel, M. Hoversten, L. MacGregor, F. Roth) (4.0MB PDF)
Gravity Modeling
N. Bundalo (2.5MB PDF)
RPSEA Presentations
UDW Conference Presentation
September 2012
OTC Presentation
May 2012
Paper Presentation at Offshore Technology Conference
May 2012
RPSEA Poster Presentation
SEG Annual Meeting
Project Presentation at SEG Summer Research Workshop
July 2010
Project Update Presentation at RPSEA Forum
June 2010
RPSEA Poster Presentation
SEG Annual Meeting
Phase II Presentations
Presentation at SEG HPC Workshop 2011


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The SEAM Corporation is governed by a Board of Directors, each of whom serves a three-year term.

SEAM Phase I Data now publicly available
September 2013
SEAM featured in Offshore magazine article
June 2013
First SEAM Workshop held May 2013
March 2013
World Oil reports on SEAM Phase II
November 2012
SEAM to issue first Phase II RFB
November 2012
Visit SEAM at the SEG Annual Meeting
October 2012
SEAM adds Midland Valley Exploration as new Phase II vendor
September 2012
SEAM adds Talisman Energy and Tullow Oil to Phase II sponsors
June 2012
SEAM issues call for vendors for Phase II project
April 2012
Geophysicists take on the next 'grand challenge'
May 2011
Announcing SEAM Phase II "Land Seismic Challenges"
October 2010
SEG Advanced Modeling Corporation receives RPSEA award
June 2009
SEG Advanced Modeling Corporation announces simulation award
February 2009
SEAM Annual Reports
SEAM Annual Report 2013
SEAM Annual Report 2012
SEAM Annual Report 2011
SEAM Annual Report 2010
SEAM Annual Report 2009
SEAM Annual Report 2008
35.4KB PDF
SEAM Annual Report 2007
24.4KB PDF

SEAM Bylaws
SEAM Bylaws

SEAM Membership
SEAM Membership Agreement (Phase II)
50.6KB PDF