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Subsalt Imaging in Tertiary Basins

SEAM Phase I: A Resounding Success

Phase I began in March 2007 and has proven to be a resounding success with wide-ranging impacts for geoscience and industry alike.

SEAM Phase I: Challenges of Subsalt Imaging in Tertiary Basins, with Emphasis on Deepwater Gulf of Mexico has been a resounding success! Research gathered from Phase I is already being put to use in additional research, having generated 11 SEAM-related Expanded Abstracts from the 2011 SEG Annual Meeting.

If you are interested in learning more about SEAM Phase I, an e-book containing the Phase I final report is now available for purchase. This e-book describes the project objectives, research decisions and activities, and the results produced.

Primary goals and accomplishments of SEAM Phase I:

  • The numerical SEAM Earth Model, representative of a 60-block area of the deepwater Gulf of Mexico. This model has been constructed in a form that easily enables extension to other complex imaging challenges by adding the rock properties necessary for elastic, nonseismic, anisotropic, and viscoelastic.
  • Simulation of approximately 65,000 shot records, containing as many as 450,000 traces each, for an acoustic dataset.
  • Development and adoption of a data compression scheme.
  • Development of multiple "classic" data subsets for broad usage by the global research and academic communities.
  • The initiation of complementary geophysical simulations (e.g., CSEM, gravity, and magnetic modeling) over the SEAM Earth Model.
  • Establishment of a process for efficient storage and distribution of the data and the "classic" datasets.

SEAM and RPSEA Find out more about SEAM's collaboration with the Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America (RPSEA) on the SEAM Phase I project.

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Phase I eBook
SEAM eBook SEAM Phase 1: Challenges of Subsalt Imaging in Tertiary Basins, with Emphasis on Deepwater Gulf of Mexico now available at the SEG eShop.
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