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SEG Advanced Modeling Corporation (SEAM)

SEAM Phase II: Land Seismic Challenges

SEAM Phase II: Land Seismic Challenges Production Elastic-wave Simulations
You can learn more about SEAM Phase II: Land Seismic Challenges here.
SEAM Issues RFB for Numerical Simulations on Unconventional Model

SEAM issues a Request for Bids (RFB) for numerical simulations of seismic data acquisition in an anisotropic, viscoelastic model called the SEAM Unconventional Model (or "the Model").

The Model represents a seismic model of two shale-gas reservoirs in a geologic setting consistent with the stratigraphy and near-surface geology of a mid-continent basin. The Final Deliverables under this Statement of Work will consist of numerical simulations and a final report.

► Download the full RFB document

► The application period has closed, and all bids are currently being reviewed. SEAM will contact applicants with the results once this process is complete.