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The procedure of becoming a Section/Associated Society is as follows:

(1)    Fill out the Petition Form with 20 "Active" SEG members from your region or organization and the names of the elected officers for the Section/Associated Society.

  • SEG has several membership classifications – for information on these classifications please go to:
  • If you need help determining who is an Active SEG member in your area, please send us the zip codes (or cities) and we can run you a list of SEG members in your area and let you know their membership type.

(2)    Prepare your Section/Associated society's By-Laws using the model Bylaws.

(3)    Send both documents to to be distributed to the SEG Membership Department and the Constitution and By-Laws Committee.

(4)    Upon approval of the By-Laws Committee, your petition will be placed on the Executive Committee Agenda for approval.

View Constitutional requirements for becoming a new Section/Associated Society.

Are you interested in forming a Section or becoming an Associated Society?

Please forward inquiries to,

Or send the information to:
SEG Sections/Associated Societies
P.O. Box 702740
Tulsa, OK 74070-2740 USA
Fax: +1-918-497-5568