Near Surface Geophysical Section (NSGS)

2012 Election Results

The Near Surface Geophysical Section of SEG has completed its 2012 elections. Of the four candidates selected by the NSGS nominating committee, the winning candidates for the offices of President-Elect and Vice-President are as follows:

Vice President
Remke Van Dam Kristina Keating

Remke van Dam
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Kristina Keating
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Remke van Dam has been chosen as President-elect for the Near-Surface Geophysics Section in 2012-2013.  Remke received a PhD degree in earth sciences from the VU University in Amsterdam (2001). He was a visiting researcher at the University of Auckland in 2002 and a postdoc at New Mexico Tech from 2002 to 2005. He currently is an assistant professor at Michigan State University. Over the course of his career he has used near surface geophysics in a range of fields including archaeology, geomorphology, hydrology, and UXO detection, and has also worked on the petrophysical characterization of soils and sediments. He has conducted projects in tropical, arid, and arctic climates, and in a range of developed and developing countries.

Remke will serve as president of the section during an exciting time. The NSGS currently enjoys unprecedented support from the SEG making it possible for us to provide a number of new member benefits and services. Additionally, ongoing efforts to collaborate in a substantial way with our AGU and EEGS colleagues means that big changes are in store for our section.

Kristina Keating has been elected Vice-President and will join Remke on the 2012-2013 NSGS Executive Committee. Kristina is an Assistant Professor of Near Surface Geophysics at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey. Kristina received a Bachelors of Applied Science with a focus in Geophysics from the University of British Columbia in 2001. She went on to receive a Masters in Geophysics and a PhD in Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences from Stanford University. Her research areas of interest include using nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) methods in the laboratory and the field for biogeophysical and hydrogeophysical applications. She also works on developing and improving NMR petrophysical relationships.

We would like to acknowledge outgoing Past President, Klaus Holliger, and outgoing Vice-President, Darcy McPhee. Both Darcy and Klaus dedicated several years and many long hours to the NSGS and we owe them a big thanks.  

Rounding out the 2012-2013 NSGS Executive Committee are John Bradford, President; James Irving, Past President; Seth Haines, Treasurer; Andrew Parsekian, Newsletter Editor; Carolyn Dorn, Secretary; and Achim Mester, Webmaster.