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    Our mission is to connect, inspire, and propel the people and science of near-surface geophysics.

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    Support the SEG near-surface Geophysical Research Endowment and help potential key contributors in the field of near-surface geophysics.

    Visit SEG donations, click "SEG Program Support," then select the near-surface endowment from the "Donation Fund" menu.

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    SEG student chapters have the chance to win a prize of $250 for submitting an article to the near-surface newsletter Near-Surface Views.

  • Attend the Summit on Dams and Levees

    This Summit on Dams and Levees is designed to bring together geophysicists from many countries to a common venue to share knowledge and experience, as well as discuss the future needs that our industry can provide for addressing public safety risks of aging infrastructure.

  • Near-Surface Geophysics at SEG Annual Meeting

    Join us for these near-surface events!

    Check out all the near-surface events on the calendar in October at this exciting annual event.

  • 3rd International Conference on Engineering Geophysics

    iceg 2015

    15-18 November 2015
    United Arab Emirates University
    Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

    The objectives of the ICEG 2015 are to concentrate on global innovation, creativity, advances, and new approaches in the field of engineering/environmental geophysics and in related fields.

Upcoming Events

SAGA 2014: 14th Biennial Geophysical Conference
6–9 September 2015
Drakensberg, South Africa


8th Congress of Balkan Geophysical Society
4-8 October 2015
Chania, Greece


3rd International Conference on Engineering Geophysics
15-18 November 2015
Al Ain, United Arab Emirates

12th SEGJ International Symposium
18-20 November 2015
Tokyo, Japan

MARCH 2016

2nd SEG/DGS Workshop near-surface Modeling and Imaging
6-7 March 2016
Manama, Bahrain

APRIL 2016

3rd AAPG/SEG International Conference and Exhibition
3-6 April 2016
Barcelona, Spain

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