Near Surface Honorary Lecturer Rick Miller visits China

SEG's first Near Surface HL visits Beijing and Wuhan

On November 16 - 17, 2012, SEG Near Surface Honorary Lecturer, Dr. Rick Miller, visited China to deliver his lecture of Near-surface Seismic: More than a problem of scale in separate visits to the China University of Petroleum in Beijing and the China University of Geosciences in Wuhan.

On November 16, before the lecture at China University of Petroleum (CUP) began, Prof. Lizhi Xiao (Dean of the College of Geophysics and Information Engineering), Prof. Xiaohong Chen (Director of the Teaching Department), Prof. Yang Liu (Faculty Advisor to the Student Chapter), and Prof. Sam Sun (Director of Lab for Integration of Geology and Geophysics) invited Dr. Miller for a working lunch and proposed some ideas for the development of SEG student programs in China. Dean Xiao mentioned that his College had been putting more and more efforts on international exchanges like attending the SEG Annual Meeting as well as other SEG activities and programs in China. Prof. Sun also suggested if it was possible to set up an ‘Honors & Awards' program (which would include a small sized Challenge Bowl and an annual award presented to the top chapter based on a set of evaluation criteria) for Student Chapters in SEG China, so as to motivate the chapters to grow and develop more SEG events.

Later on, Dr. Miller's lecture started at 2:00 pm and there were 35 attendees present, including some geophysicists from other oil and service companies. All the attendees showed great interest in the topic. The lecture lasted for nearly 2 hours with hot discussion between Dr. Miller and the attendees. SEG China staff Rachel Zhang and Amelie Ma accompanied Dr. Miller for this trip to CUP.

On the morning of November 17, Dr. Miller flew to Wuhan accompanied by SEG Staff Member Amelie Ma. The lecture in the afternoon was warmly welcomed at the China University of Geosciences (Wuhan). There were 85 students and faculty in total attending this lecture. Prof. Jianghai Xia (Director of Subsurface Imaging and Sensing Laboratory) and Prof. Yixian Xu (Dean of the Institute of Geophysics & Geomatics) attended and presided at this lecture. As indicated in the sign-in sheets collected on site, most of the students were not SEG members but showed strong willingness to join SEG after the lecture.

Amelie Ma met with the working staff member in charge of academic activities at the Institute and talked about SEG and the benefits SEG provides for members and student chapters. She felt quite interested and offered to help SEG to disseminate the information of SEG events in China on their website if needed in the future. 

Based on their positive experiences from this trip to Beijing and Wuhan, Chinese universities are welcoming SEG lecturers and are anxious to have more opportunities to cooperate with SEG on student programs and other SEG activities in China.