2010 SEG Foundation Scholarship Results

This was a very difficult year for the SEG Scholarship committee. We had a record number of very competitive applications and not enough funds for all deserving students.

SEG is a global entity and tries to support that by awarding scholarships based on geographical diversity. That's why there are 6 subgroups for ranking purposes - North American Freshman, undergrad, graduates and International Freshman, undergrads and graduates. Peers were ranked against peers.

The Scholarship committee is composed of industry volunteers; mostly senior geophysicists. Each member ranked the applications independently, then had a consensus meeting. Trends and standard deviations were discussed and a final ranking was agreed upon.

Much of our available funding comes from interest earned on investments. And of course, due to the global economic situation, funds were somewhat limited. Thanks to our very generous donors, the SEG Foundation has approximately 68 different scholarships. The majority have some sort of donor intent/restriction - mostly to designate funds for a particular university or particular academic area of emphasis.

So the selection process is interdependent to match available monies with students meeting donor intents and demonstrated academic excellence.

I hope you better understand our process now and will consider applying again this September.

Over 2,000 applications were submitted for SEG Scholarships, 535 were considered qualified and reviewed by the Scholarship committee. The following graphics represent the diversity of their selections.