Business News for the week of 17 March 2014

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LMKR announces worldwide availability of GeoGraphix 2014

17 March 2014—LMKR announces the release and global availability of its popular E&P Interpretation software GeoGraphix® 2014 and new complimentary LMKR products, “Well Planner” and “Volume Attributes.”  Featuring leading-edge technology, the 2014 release delivers (1) new advanced 3D visualization and mapping techniques, enabling improved reservoir understanding; (2) multidimensional geologic interpretation, allowing geoscientists to integrate seismic and geologic data seamlessly, including the capability to generate 3D volume attributes; and (3) extensive quick and easy-to-use advanced field-planning capabilities that result in reductions in time and cost.

LMKR also introduces GeoGraphix Pro, a new upgrade option that provides advanced technologies to enhance productivity and to maximize existing GeoGraphix investment. These include advanced 3D visualization, fence diagrams, and advanced field-planning capabilities.


Dolphin secures contracts in South America and northwest Europe

21 March 2014—Dolphin has been awarded two additional 3D seismic contracts for undisclosed clients. The South America contract has a duration of approximately three months, and the northwest Europe contract has a duration of approximately 1.5 months. The surveys will be acquired during the third and fourth quarters of 2014.