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Foster Findlay Associates releases GeoTeric® plug-in

12 May 2015 - Foster Findlay Associates (ffA) has released a plug-in linking GeoTeric 2015 and Landmark's DecisionSpace® Geosciences as part of Landmark's iEnergy® Partner Program. The plug-in enables GeoTeric and DecisionSpace Geosciences users to move seismic volumes, horizons, and well data rapidly and to extend data-sharing and seismic-interpretation workflows seamlessly.

Geological Expression in GeoTeric is a data-driven, interpreter-guided approach to seismic interpretation which translates geophysical data into geologic information.


CGG begins multiclient survey in Norway

13 May 2015 - CGG announces a western extension of the Horda BroadSeisTM-BroadSourceTM 3D multiclient program that it began in the northern North Sea offshore Norway in 2014. The extension, known as Tampen, is in the northern Viking Graben offshore Norway and the United Kingdom and is expected to be completed in 2016. It will add 17,000 km2 of data to the initial 18,000-km2 Horda survey that CGG will complete this season, to provide a total of 35,000 km2 of contiguous and uniform broadband seismic-data coverage in one of the most prolific petroleum provinces in the world. The Tampen survey will cover a mature, high-potential area encompassing fields such as Statfjord, Gullfaks, Snorre, and Osberg in Norway, in addition to several fields in the United Kingdom.

The overall Horda multiclient program will offer an integrated geoscience package to support exploration and development activities. It will include geologic context and a prospectivity review, potential-field data, satellite hydrocarbon seep imagery, a high-quality well database, biostratigraphy, sedimentology and geochemistry data, and seismic reservoir-characterization products supported by reservoir-quality seismic data.