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Schlumberger offers multiclient seismic data offshore Mozambique

10 November 2014 — Schlumberger announces the availability of its multiclient seismic survey offshore Mozambique. The Schlumberger multiclient seismic data, offered in collaboration with the National Petroleum Institute of Mozambique (INP), include reprocessed 2D lines and newly acquired seismic data and provide detailed imaging of the subsurface.

More than 110,000 km of exclusive 2D seismic data — the most extensive data library of offshore Mozambique — is available for licensing, including more than 36,000 km of recently acquired long-offset 2D data using the ObliQ sliding-notch broadband acquisition and imaging technique.
Schlumberger multiclient data are available in all offshore blocks offered in the Mozambique 5th Licensing Round issued by INP.

LMKR announces partnerships, products update

11 November 2014 — LMKR, with its partnership and products announcements, is addressing key challenges for geology and geophysics professionals.

LMKR released GeoGraphix 2014 in March, delivering key advancements in field planning, geophysics, geology, and 3D visualization. LMKR has entered into a strategic partnership with petroWEB to provide ease of data access to and from the corporate data store from GeoGraphix. Enterprise DB, by petroWEB, is a powerful E&P data-management system built on the industry-standard PPDM data model. The partnership with CGG will deliver a seamless connection between GeoGraphix and ENTERPRISE DB to boost geoscientist daily productivity.

LMKR’s technology partnership with LUMINA is aimed directly at improved methods to interpret and integrate geologic and seismic data critical to maximizing reservoir understanding. LUMINA offers unique methodologies and tools for quantitative interpretation based on spectral decomposition and state-of-the-art optimization techniques allowing for more geologic information to be extracted from geophysical data. LMKR’s partnership with LUMINA has resulted in the planned release of Predict 3D, which will commercialize by early 2015.

LMKR’s Predict 3D™ is a multiattribute inversion solution based on robust spectral decomposition and state-of-the-art optimization techniques developed by LUMINA. The Predict 3D solution is integrated completely with the GeoGraphix suite of products and can be used in stand-alone mode also. This proprietary approach shows geologic details not observable in conventional seismic data and allows for more detailed and accurate interpretations than are possible with the input data and conventional inversion methods.

The multiattribute inversion process predicts rock properties from well logs away from and between wells that have been used for correlation, generating property volumes that are invaluable in understanding the character of the reservoir. This helps users to understand the nature of the reservoir away from the wells, thus reducing risk in well planning and field development, especially in thin-bed or shale plays.

Designed to reduce the time required for efficient field development, advanced field planning provides the ability to create, save, analyze, and manage multiple field-plan scenarios before committing them to the database. When combined with LMKR’s new Well Planner, directional surveys for individual wells or entire scenarios can be created and edited. These capabilities enable far more efficient field-development workflows for entire asset teams.

The LMKR GeoGraphix latest update (2014.2) adds the ability to automatically clip well trajectories to lease setbacks and maintain minimum required lateral length for planned wells, calculate pad/slot elevations from a digital elevation model, and easily update slot locations.

GeoAtlas allows instant visualization of the subsurface. Three-dimensional visualization of geologic cross sections and fence diagrams with interpolated well-log values, combined with surfaces draped with map layers, provide increased insight into the true nature of subsurface geology. GeoGraphix 2014.2 allows integration of log templates, fence diagrams, seismic, and attributes into the integrated 3D view. This combination enables better sweet-spot identification and characterization.

CGG Robertson and Wood Mackenzie launch EV2 exploration-valuation tool

12 November 2014 — Recognizing the need to accurately assess the future potential of licensed and unlicensed acreage, CGG’s Robertson group and Wood Mackenzie are launching EV2 —a brand-new exploration-valuation tool — with an advance release of 10 “hot” basins. EV2 combines Robertson’s unique geologic knowledge with Wood Mackenzie’s industry-leading commercial-analysis expertise to create the most formidable tool for exploration valuation available.

EV2 combines extensive geologic-risk assessments of individual plays with advanced Monte Carlo economic simulations. This tool allows business developers and new-venture explorationists to differentiate exploration blocks and open acreage — in terms of subsurface risk, volume, and value potential — to find the best opportunities, particularly in frontier basins where data are often scarce.