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CGG wins geophysical survey projects in Papua New Guinea

14 January 2015 — CGG announces that it has been awarded a land seismic and an airborne gravity survey by InterOil Corporation to assess the hydrocarbon potential of InterOil's acreage in Papua New Guinea.

CGG's airborne group is to conduct a large FALCON® airborne gravity-gradiometer (AGG) survey to acquire 11,000 line-km of high-resolution data with fixed-wing aircraft and 25,700 line-km using rotary-wing aircraft, which are better suited to acquiring high-resolution measurements in rugged terrain.

The 2D conventional land seismic award comprises a 465-km survey in InterOil's southern PPL474 and 476 permits (the Murua survey) and might include additional coverage totaling more than 200-km to the north over the corporation's Triceratops and Raptor discoveries.

To ensure robust operations in challenging operating conditions, CGG will deploy 2,100 Sercel UNITE cable-free channels and autonomous seismic-source technology during the two-part survey, which is scheduled to start in January and end in August 2015. CGG's Bangkok imaging center will process the land seismic data as part of the integrated service CGG is offering to InterOil.


CGG's Multi-Physics business line is fully operational

15 January 2015 — CGG has confirmed that its new Multi-Physics business line is now up and running in its acquisition division. The new business line combines all of CGG's Airborne capabilities with its GravMag Solutions business.

The Multi-Physics business line offers timely and cost-effective solutions that encompass gravity, magnetic, electromagnetic, and radiometric surveys with the most comprehensive and advanced range of airborne fixed-wing and helicopter systems.