Business News for the week of 25 August 2014

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Schlumberger launches photorealistic reservoir geology service

25 August 2014 — Schlumberger launched the Quanta Geo photorealistic reservoir geology service at the Offshore Northern Seas Annual Conference and Exhibition in Stavanger, Norway. The new service includes the industry's first microresistivity imager that produces oriented, photorealistic, corelike images of the formation in wells drilled with oil-base mud (OBM). Interpretation of the images identifies geologic features and predicts reservoir trends in three dimensions with a high degree of certainty.

Schlumberger introduces Petrel Shale for unconventional resources

26 August 2014 — Schlumberger announces the release of Petrel Shale, a customized user interface and tool set engineered for exploiting shale resources. Scalable and straightforward to deploy, Petrel Shale is designed to optimize operations to increase capital efficiency.

The Petrel Shale workflow is presented in a way to increase productivity in evaluating and developing shale assets. For the first time, geoscientists can seamlessly integrate geologic, geophysical, and production data to define sweet spots, automatically plan well locations, and analyze production trends.