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Frequently asked questions about SEG membership

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What are the benefits of becoming a member of SEG?
Online access to the full SEG Digital Library. Members also enjoy discounts on all major SEG publications, including Geophysics, meetings, products and services as well as access to our members only area online. See our membership pages for additional membership benefits and to how to join SEG.

Where can I find my ID Number?
Your SEG membership ID number can be found on your membership card, your dues statement, and your MySEG online account. It may also be referred to as a Member ID.

How do I change my membership type?
SEG offers student members FREE Associate membership for the first year following graduation. To request FREE membership following graduation, notify Member Services.

A Student Member will automatically be transferred to Associate Membership on the first day of the calendar year following the termination of eligibility for Student Membership and be billed accordingly. A student may request to transfer to Associate Membership at any time by paying the Associate fee.

An Associate or Student member may seek to transfer to Active Membership by supplying additional information to show eligibility for election to Active Membership. The transfer is handled in the same manner as election to Active Membership.

An Associate Member may transfer to Student Membership by completing a Student Membership application providing documentation that they are a full-time student, seeking a degree in geophysics or a related field at a recognized college or university.

An Active Member cannot transfer to Student Membership.

What is Emeritus Status Membership?
Emeritus status is achieved when someone who is a current Active Member in good standing reaches the age of 65 years and has been an Active or Associate Member for a total of thirty (30) years including time spent in the military. To request this status, eligible members need to send a written request to the Executive Director (attention of the Executive Director). Annual dues shall be no more than one-half those of Active members.

What is Life Awarded Membership?
This membership level is conferred on persons whom have voluntarily rendered exceptional meritorious service to the Society. This honor is bestowed to the recipient(s) by the recommendation and unanimous vote of the Executive Committee.

What is Honorary Membership?
This membership level is given to those who, in the unanimous opinion of the Committee on Honors and Awards and the Executive Committee, have made a distinguished contribution which warrants exceptional recognition to exploration geophysics or a related field or to the advancement of the profession of exploration geophysics through service to the Society.

What forms of payment does SEG accept?
SEG accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner's Club, and checks drawn on US banks in US$ funds.

Can I pay by wire transfer?
Yes, please include the following information on all wire transfers:

To: Society of Exploration Geophysicists
Bank Name: Bank of Oklahoma, PO Box 2300, Tulsa, OK 74192-0001 USA
Routing Number: 103900036
Account Number: 0204967965
Amount in US Dollars: $______
Memo: Ask bank to list Member ID Number and/or Name in the memo line

To avoid processing delays, email or fax the transfer information (date, amount, what the payment is for) to +1.918.497.5565.

I already paid my dues; can I add Geophysics journals in print?
If a member wishes to add print delivery of Geophysics after submitting a membership application or dues payment, you may do so by submitting the request and payment to the SEG business office. The cost is US $55 and members electing to add Geophysics in print will be mailed all issues yet to be mailed for the balance of the calendar year, but will not be entitled to any back issues. Back issues may be purchased separately from the SEG Book Mart.

How do I find the status of my membership?
You must first log onto the SEG Members website, MySEG, to access your personal membership information. Once you have logged on, you can view your current membership status, update your member record, and even pay dues.

What do I get with online access?

SEG members receive online access to the SEG Digital Library (Geophysics, The Leading Edge, Technical Program Expanded Abstracts, the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Applied Geophysics, fourth edition, the Journal of Environmental Engineering Geophysics, and proceeding of the Symposium on the Application of Geophysics to Engineering and Environmental Problems). Online access includes a complete online archive of technical papers from TLE, Geophysics, and the Expanded Abstracts' reference lists to full text of many cited sources, and links to articles that cite those being viewed. The archive includes Geophysics technical papers from 1936 through the current issue, TLE and the Expanded Abstracts from 1982 to the present, JEEG from 1995 to the present, and the SAGEEP Proceedings from 1988 to the present.

The online archive is served by the American Institute of Physics' (AIP) Scitation platform and can be accessed via the password-protected areas of SEG Online. (An email address is required for online access.) All members, upon renewing for the following year, will receive within the first six months a DVD-ROM of TLE and Geophysics papers for the current year.

SEG members also receive access to an enhanced member's only membership search and major discounts on SEG publications, meetings, services and products available for ordering online.

How do I get a login and password for online access to journals?

As an SEG member, you can access the SEG Digital Library archive ( by logging in with your SEG Online logon credentials at MySEG. A search is available on the archive's home page. Each publication also has its own search, and all of these are free to use. The search for the Encyclopedic Dictionary is available only to members and institutional subscribers, but the list of terms may still be browsed.

New members will receive an email upon application processing containing quick and easy registration instructions to obtain a new username and password.

All SEG members should use the "Forgot your password?" and "Forgot your username?" links in the login panel located in the upper-right corner of every SEG webpage to request an auto-generated password be sent to the email address they have on file with SEG. The first time they log in with their new passwords, they will be required to change them.

I resigned my membership in the past. Can I rejoin?
Any person who has requested a resignation of membership may be reinstated with the approval of the Executive Committee. You must complete a new application and pay applicable dues.

I have let my membership lapse. How do I reinstate my membership?
Members who have let their membership lapse may reinstate by paying their past due balance. Membership lapses of 2 years or more will require a newly completed application for the membership level desired, accompanied by dues payment. Active members wishing to reinstate do not have to supply additional references.

How do I become a Life Paid Member?
An Active or Associate Member who has completed 5 or more years of membership can pay dues in full for life by making a single payment of US$1,000.

Can I update my mailing address and contact information online?
Login to your personalized MySEG home page and select "View/Edit membership information" link to change any and all information in your member record.

Does SEG offer dues payment assistance?
In certain conditions, SEG members facing unemployment may be eligible for a dues waiver. If you have been affected by the recent industry downturn and are currently unemployed, please email SEG Member Services at for additional information.

Where can I find information on a local section?
Visit our Sections and Societies Listing page for more information.

How can I search for other SEG members in my city/company/state?
Access the enhanced member search via the SEG Members Only section and you can search for database criteria including city, state and company. You must be logged on to access the enhanced member search.

Does SEG offer group insurance discounts?
The SEG Insurance Program, through GeoCare Benefits Insurance Program, offers a complete line of group insurance to protect you and your family.

The program offers insurance in these areas:
  • term life
  • high-limit accident
  • comprehensive healthcare plan
  • medical savings account and medical savings account qualified medical plan
  • catastrophic major medical
  • easy Rx in-hospital
  • cancer
  • dental
  • twice life

General Questions about the Society

Whom should I contact about purchasing an SEG mailing list?
The SEG mailing list is available for rental and a rental agreement can be requested by contacting Member Services. The rate is US $130 per thousand (or portion thereof) - $650.00 minimum (5000 addresses) for the use on a one-time basis. Corporate members receive the list at a 50% discount.

How do I make a contribution to the SEG? Is it tax deductible?
SEG is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation and contributions are tax deductible. Members may contribute to support the Society's goals and missions when renewing their membership or by emailing the SEG Foundation. Additional information about the foundation can be found at the SEG Foundation website.

To whom should I direct questions about the website?
Please contact us by email at

How do I contact SEG Member Services?
Phone: +1.918.497.5544
Fax: +1.918.497.5565
General membership information
Application processing