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John Louie


Spousal Tours

Hoover Dam Discovery Tour*
Monday, 5 November, 1–6 p.m., US$66
Join us as we discover this wonder of the modern world weighing more than 6,600,000 tons. It's the structure that contains more than three million cubic yards of concrete, enough to pave a road between San Francisco and New York. It's the marvel that began in 1931 and was completed in 1936, two years ahead of schedule. Built during the Great Depression, the Hoover Dam provided jobs for 21,000 men and answered a great need. Citizens wanted to irrigate low desert areas without the risk of flooding, and the U.S. government determined the Colorado River was the solution to the battle over water rights. Take in this magnificent site as a guide provides you with a history-filled dialogue during your travels to the dam, where you will begin a self-guided tour consisting of several stops, including a trip through the rock wall of the Black Canyon to view the generators, and a stroll on the observation deck with beautiful views of the Hoover Dam, Colorado River, and Lake Mead. Additional stops on this tour include the Winged Figures of the Republic, the spillways, and the intake towers. Comfortable walking shoes and sunglasses are highly recommended.

The Mob Museum Tour* - CANCELLED
Tuesday, 6 November, 2–5 p.m., US$60
It was the stage for the biggest mob hearing in history. Now it's the setting for the nation's most comprehensive Mob Museum. Located in the heart of downtown Las Vegas, The Mob Museum rests inside the historic former federal courthouse and U.S. Post Office. This building is one of the few remaining historically significant buildings in Las Vegas and is included on both the Nevada and National Registers of Historic Places. From 1950 to 1951, the Kefauver Committee hearings were conducted in the courtroom in this very building. The courtroom has been recreated to appear as it did back then, a true portal to a time when the Mob "ran the town." As a visitor, you will get to experience this courtroom for yourself and be immersed in the story of history made here as you visit the various exhibits throughout the museum.

Red Rock Canyon Tour*
Wednesday, 7 November, 1–5 p.m., US$48
This tour will present you with the most aweinspiring views of the Red Rock Canyon while showcasing desert beauty, towering red sandstone peaks, and abundant wildlife. Formed millions of years ago, the red peaks are actually fossilized sand dunes, created after collisions of the earth's crust. You will have the opportunity to view exhibits about this area as well as a tortoise habitat before you depart on a 13-mile loop drive. This drive is the ideal way to see the geologic history, brilliance, and grandeur of the canyon. There are many stops along the way, with opportunities to see the canyon's many magnificent views, petroglyphs, and pictorgraphs, as well as wildlife such as bighorn sheep, wild horses, burros, and mountains lions.

*41 registrants are required for all tours. If this minimum number of registrants are not obtained, the tour may be cancelled. Therefore, advance registration for tours is encouraged.