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Exhibitor Tips


  • Reconfirm all travel, hotel, and car reservations.
  • Review your portable display.
  • Be sure to ship all materials in time.
  • Follow up with all vendors.
  • Brief and train booth staff. Review your exhibit objectives. 

Budget planner

______ Floor space

______ Booth-related expenses (installation/dismantling, utilities, cleaning, etc.)

______ Additional meeting room rental

______ Exhibit materials

______ Shipping and drayage

______ Marketing and promotional material

______ Transportation and hotel

______ Entertainment

General tips

  • Update your Web site before the meeting.
  • After the meeting, quickly follow up with all contacts.
  • Make sure your signage is large enough to be easily read.
  • Make your booth stand out from the crowd. Something as simple as a distinctive lighting scheme can go a long way.
  • Hold staff meetings regularly during the meeting to discuss what is working and what is not.