Focus of SEG and new Council Chair are highlights of Annual Council Meeting

Jenny Kucera, associate editor, TLE

SEG Council Meeting and Presidential AddressSEG has experienced many positive changes in 2012—reflected in the governance of The Society, and ultimately, the benefits it provides to members.

Representatives of SEG Sections, associated societies, and Districts attended the 2012 Annual Council Meeting as part of SEG's International Exposition and 82nd Annual Meeting Sunday, November 4th , in Las Vegas, Nevada.

President Bob Hardage called the Annual Council Meeting to order and welcomed the 53 members in attendance. He introduced the members of the 2012 Executive Committee, the incoming Board of Directors, and the Parliamentarian.

The Seating of the Council followed a previously established format, eliminating the roll call and replacing it with the credentials report. A quorum (one-third of all Council members, or 32) was present, and Hardage mentioned the special rules proposed for the meeting regarding time limits on debate and number of times an individual may speak on a proposal. The rules were adopted as presented.

The content of the Council Agenda Book and the SEG 2012 Annual Report was provided to Council members prior to the Council Meeting, and physical copies were distributed at the meeting as well. The Executive Committee met November 3rd and no new agenda items for the Council Meeting were added. The agenda was therefore adopted as presented.

In his Presidential Address, outgoing President Bob Hardage highlighted one of SEG's great accomplishments in 2012, the restructuring of its governance. Under the present governance model, the Executive Committee consists of seven members who serve one-year terms. The Council is made up of 100 members who also serve one-year terms.

This changed in 2012 with the creation of a new governance model that improves communication between the Board of Directors and the Council. In this new model, the Board of Directors consists of 13 members elected by the general membership and one member elected by the Council. These Board members serve three-year terms. The 100 members of the Council, who serve one-year terms, elect a Chair of the Council.

The Society serves its more than 33,000 members through publications such as Geophysics, The Leading Edge, reference books, and eBooks. SEG is proud to introduce its newest journal, Interpretation. The journal is already receiving submissions and the first issue is expected in mid-2013.

In other highlights this year, a new subsidiary, the SEG Real Estate Corporation, held its first meeting in January 2012. Its primary mission is to oversee the Geophysical Resource Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma and construction of a new building on the site.

SEG Global Inc. opened a new office in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The global office, shared with AAPG, has been serving our Middle East membership since March 2012.

A new major annual meeting has been developed as a partnership of AAPG, SPE, and SEG. The Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTeC) is patterned after the highly successful Offshore Technology Conference (OTC). Its first meeting is August 2013 in Denver, Colorado.

2012 saw an increase in intersociety cooperation as a result of collaborative efforts among SEG, AAPG, EAGE, GSA, and Near-Surface groups.

SEG also focused on its financial strength in 2012. The Society approved a record-high budget of US $19 million. Revenue exceeded expenses at the end of the year by $600,000 and cash reserves are $9 million.

In a special award recognition, Hardage presented the Presidential Award to Lee Lawyer for writing the initial version of the SEG Council Procedures and for implementing the nomination and election of the first Chair of the Council.

Hardage passed a new gavel to incoming Council Chair Mike Graul, SEG's first-ever Chairman of the Council, as a symbolic transfer of leadership. Graul was elected in a runoff election in October 2012 in which 86 percent of the eligible Council voted.

With the new Council Chair at the podium, the Council approved both the minutes of the 2011 Council Meeting and the 2012 Annual Report.

The Council also approved an amendment to SEG Bylaws Article III, Section 4.b which would start membership in the Society on the first day of the month after an application is processed and establish annual renewals on a calendar-year basis. The amendment will be submitted to the Active members for a vote.

Council members discussed the procedures regarding the awarding of the Council Medal. Graul proposed including the medal in the Council's policies and procedures manual, and delegates adopted the proposal by means of a simple majority vote.

In an attempt to utilize social media, the District 1 eCommunity was established on a trial basis to enhance communication between District Representatives and members in the respective district. The District subsequently recommends utilizing an e-mail list to reach District members instead.

Chairpersons of SEG Subsidiaries and Corporations summarized their activities in the past year. Reports included SEG Global, Samir Abdelmoaty; Real Estate, Gary Servos; SEAM, Peter Pangman; and SEG Foundation, Tom Smith.