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SEG Denver 2014

SEG Denver 2014 is the event of the year for geophysics,
providing unique opportunities to promote your brand

The Leading Edge

The Leading Edge is SEG's peer-reviewed publication that has long been unrivalled as the world's most respected vehicle for dissemination of developments in exploration and development geophysics. Covering all aspects of applied geophysics in a style appealing to a broad readership, TLE is a gateway publication introducing new geophysical theory, instrumentation, and established practices to scientists in a wide range of geosciences disciplines. TLE also serves as SEG's platform for official society business.

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2014 Advertising Space Rates

(Note: Prices listed are gross USD and subject to a 15% advertising agency commission allowance)

Black & White







Full Page Spread







Full Page







2/3 Page







Half Page Spread







Half Page Island







Half Page







1/3 Page







Quarter Page







1/6 Page







1/8 Page







1 Column Inch (3-column format)







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Free listing in the TLE Advertising Index!
Every display advertiser will receive a free listing of its sales contact name, phone, fax, email, and web address in the TLE Advertising Index that appears in each issue. Click here for more information on how to submit your free listing.

2014 Advertising Color Rates
Single Process Colors

Black & White Rate + $375 Per Color

Standard, Matched, Custom or Metallic Colors

Black & White Rate + $475 Per Color

Full Color

Black & White Rate + $950 Per Page

Full Color Spread

Black & White Rate + $1,750 Per Page

Classified Advertising

TLE's classified section is the world's marketplace for businesses and people looking for geophysical products, services, jobs, etc.

  • Display Classified Advertising – See 2014 Advertising Space Rates above for pricing
  • In-Column (Undisplayed) Advertising – $8 per line, 5 lines minimum; add-on options include centered headline at $2 per line and bold face at $6 per line

All classified advertising earns 10% discount for consecutive, unchanged ads.

Insert, Bellyband, and Other Special Advertising Opportunities

Contact for a quote.

SEG Print Advertising Policy

Frequency Discounts: Advertising frequency discounts apply to contracted schedules published within a calendar year. Exception is made for first-time advertisers who may wish to enter a contract starting within a calendar year. Frequency discount qualification may be obtained by: 1) Submission of a written intent of multiple-issue advertising to protect rates (contract). In the event the advertiser places fewer than the amount of ads contracted, the advertiser is subject to short rate – being invoiced the difference between the discounts amount contracted and those discounts actually earned. Orders may be cancelled without incurring a short rate adjustment provided the discount rate has been earned up to the date of cancellation. 2) Advertising invoices will automatically reflect earned frequency rates as those levels are reached (no contract). In this case, rebates will not be granted for previous ad insertions placed before such frequency levels were reached. Professional discounts to industry, associated society and SEG section publications are available with reciprocal written agreements.

Production Charges: Limited production services are available including minor copy changes at a rate of $85/hour. Because of limited proofing capability, the publisher cannot make major ad element changes to advertisers' ads and accepts no liability for errors in requested copy changes/additions/deletions. Any work that is required before publishing will appear as an additional charge on your invoice.

Color: All RGB colors in digitally submitted ads will be converted automatically to CMYK. All PMS colors in digitally submitted ads also will be converted automatically to CMYK unless PMS colors are requested on the advertiser's insertion order. Such conversions may result in some color shifting for which SEG will not be responsible. Due to the digital PDF printing process, duotones are not recommended. SEG cannot guarantee accurate duotone reproduction and assumes no liability for the reproduction quality should duotones be requested. Use of PMS or other match colors may affect ad position in the publication. We cannot guarantee the printing results of an ad with fine type (or type with fine serif) that has been reversed out of a dark background.

Terms, Commissions, Discounts, International: Payment is due in USD by check from a US bank, money order, wire transfer, or American Express/MasterCard/VISA/Discover/Diners Club credit card. Payment is due 30 days from date of invoice (issued on publication date of distribution). Commission of 15% provided to recognized commercial agencies which provide scheduling, finished ad production to magazine specifications and perform payment obligations. Agency commissions on invoices past 60 days old will be revoked. Insertion requests from accounts over 90 days old are subject to refusal. Accounts over 120 days old are subject to commercial and/or legal collection actions.

Contract and Copy Regulations: All advertising is subject to the publisher's approval. The publisher, the Society of Exploration Geophysicists, reserves the right to reject advertising which it feels is not in keeping with the publication's standards. Advertisements which simulate editorial content will not be accepted. All advertising orders are accepted subject to the terms and provisions of the current rate card. Orders are accepted for not more than one year in advance. Regulations suggested by Standard Rate & Data Services, Inc. have been adopted by The Leading Edge.

Submitting Materials: We accept advertisements in press-quality PDF, EPS with text converted to outlines, 300 DPI CMYK uncompressed TIF or JPG. Be sure to include bleed dimensions in your full-page electronic file. Bleed size: 8½ x 11⅛ (216 x 283 mm). All type and essential portions of illustrations should be kept within 8" x 10⅝" (203 x 270 mm). If you include crop marks, please allow enough offset to clear the bleed zone. Files may be emailed, sent to our FTP site, or mailed in on CD-ROM. Contact us for current FTP access information. We produce The Leading Edge with an entirely digital PDF workflow. Please send finished graphic formats listed above instead of native application files. If you must send QuarkXpress or InDesign files, please include all Macintosh or OpenType fonts and any associated graphics. We will convert your files to PDF format. Advertisers will receive PDF proofs of new ads before the issue goes to press. Picked-up ads may not be proofed if they were previously approved. We no longer accept film formats. You are encouraged to archive your ad files as a SIT or ZIP archive to preserve file integrity before uploading to our FTP site.


Questions regarding ad sales should be directed to TLE ad sales representative Heather Walke at or 918-497-5524.

Questions regarding ad material submission should be directed to TLE graphic designer Jill Park at or 918-497-5570.