Doodlebugger Society

The Doodlebugger Society is a special club that calls on the colorful history of geophysics for its name. "Doodlebugger" participation marks the beginning of a very special and personal relationship with the SEG Foundation.  Members join with a donation between $100.00 -$999.00.

* Recognition list as of April 1, 2016

Tom Agnew
Michael L. Ball
Natalie Blythe
Marilyn Brown
Katie Burk
Kerry J. Campbell
Kenneth Carlson
Paul A. Cattermole
Chris Corcoran
Kenneth A. Dingwall
Dortha L. Dougherty
Mandi Duckworth
Parrish Erwin
Linda Ford
Amy Haggard

Lara Heister
David R. Henderson
Naresh Kumar
Madeline D. Lee
Karen E. Lubke
Jan Madole
Michael L. Oristaglio
Michael and Lynn Schoenberger
Anna and Daniel Shaughnessy
Rhonda Siex
Tad M. Smith
Victoria and Timothy Sublette
John L. Toldi
Susan Webb

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