Trustee Associates


Trustees Associates (TAs) are leaders to whom geophysical excellence has been entrusted both for today and tomorrow. Trustee Associates directly contribute $10,000 or more to the success of our many important programs; through both financial support and outstanding leadership in SEG’s philanthropic activities.

Sally Zinke

"The Trustee Associates are a group of individuals who have gone beyond the normal SEG membership relationship and have stepped up to another level of commitment to the organization, its goals, and its future. The SEG has done a great deal for many of us. This is one small way to carry that forward to others."

– Sally Zinke, SEG Foundation Trustee Associate

Mark Gregg

"The SEG and the SEG Foundation run great programs such as scholarships and Geoscientists Without Borders® that support geophysics, geophysicists, and the world. As a Trustee Associate, I am excited about the opportunity to support these efforts through our donations."

– Mark E. Gregg, SEG Foundation Trustee Associate

Peter Duncan

"My dad was a passionate gardener, and he taught me that you have to put a little back in the soil if you are going to keep taking out. I have taken many a harvest from this profession and I know it is only right that I put something back in, a little to enrich the profession for all of us and a little more to plant the seeds of opportunity for the next generation of geophysicists. For me, giving a bit back is more than an obligation; it's a privilege."

- Peter M. Duncan, SEG Foundation Trustee Associate

Frank Brown

"We are all standing on the shoulders of those who thought about, developed, and applied the technologies that we use today. The easiest and surest way to guarantee that this tradition continues is to support the SEG Foundation as a Trustee Associate."

- Frank D. Brown,SEG Foundation Trustee Associate

For more information or to support the Foundation at a Trustee Associates level, please contact Paul Allison, Foundation Executive Director, at +1.918.497.4634 or via email at

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