Volume 5, Issue 1
June 2009

Your annual support makes a huge impact on the geophysical community.
With the annual support of dedicated professionals like you, the SEG Foundation is poised for continued success for many years to come. Our innovative programs continue to grow with your help.

Geoscientists Without Borders shows us the soft side of Earth Science.
Geoscientists Without Borders, our exciting new program, uses geophysical techniques to solve humanitarian problems.

2009-2010 scholarship program is a huge success.
Thanks to passionate donors, SEG Foundation awards 150 scholarships this year.

Historic donor club upgraded
Become part of the prestigious group of geoscience professionals, the Trustee Associates, the premier donor club of the SEG Foundation.

Globe-trotting students prepare for the future.
Student Education Program energizes grad students worldwide.

Doodlebuggers rock.
Join your peers as they support the geoscience community.

Thanks to passionate supporters.
SEG Foundation provides critical field experience for geoscience students.

DISC blasts through Midland, Texas.
Patrick Corbett brings the legendary DISC tour to the Permian Basin.

SEG teams up with the International Year of Planet Earth.
SEG is a proud supporter of the International Year of Planet Earth (IYPE), a joint initiative of UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) and the International Union of Geological Sciences.

Innovative projects infused with Foundation funds.
Thanks to generous donors, five project proposals approved for 2009.

Foundation Board of Directors


Gary G. Servos, CHAIR
William Barkhouse, VICE-CHAIR
Vicki R. Messer, TREASURER

Michael C. Forrest
John W. Gibson, Jr.
Mark E. Gregg
Fred Hilterman
Susan Mastoris Peebler
Dominique Robert
Brian H. Russell
Michael H. Seidner
Charles B. Smith, Jr.
Jeff Springmeyer
Robert Talley

Our mission:

"To encourage and support scientific, educational, and charitable activities of benefit to the general public, to geophysicists, and to the geophysical community.

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Brian Young
Development Officer

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