Volume 5, Issue 2
October 2009

Your help is needed to keep this important program running strong.
As Geoscientists Without Borders (GWB) closes on its first year of operation, we have a lot to celebrate! Several projects are already underway and more are slated to begin soon.

Donor clubs available to recognize support and maximize impact of giving
Thank you for supporting the SEG Foundation! We have raised nearly US$150 000 this year toward operational expenses. This does not include funds raised for specific programs and initiatives. Although the year is quickly coming to a close, more unrestricted funds are needed to ensure the ongoing success of your Foundation.

Geophysical experts share knowledge with professionals and students alike
Thanks to a US$1.25 million commitment from Shell International E&P to the SEG Foundation, the SEG Honorary Lecturer (HL) program is now up and running simultaneously in six regions around the world: Europe, South & East Asia, Middle East & Africa, Pacific South, Central & South America, and North America.

SEG Online is growing to meet members’ expanding needs
Thanks to passionate supporters, SEG Online is changing to meet member needs, incorporate emerging technologies, and satisfy demand for geophysical research online. Soon you’ll find exciting new features like expanded online education offerings and “Web 2.0.” These changes include more robust online collaboration tools, enhanced e-commerce capabilities, and state-of-the-art Continuing Education courses that are available anytime and anywhere.

StatoilHydro leads with commitment to SEG Foundation
SEG has launched a new initiative called IQ Earth. The goal of IQ Earth is no less than “creating a fundamental change in visualizing and predicting subsurface structure, rock and fluid properties; driven by renewed focus on multidisciplinary integration and the new quantitative earth model paradigm, applied by the next generation subsurface scientist, and developed from a core foundation of geophysical data.”

Foundation Board of Directors


Gary G. Servos, CHAIR
William Barkhouse, VICE-CHAIR
Vicki R. Messer, TREASURER


Michael C. Forrest
John W. Gibson, Jr.
Mark E. Gregg
Fred Hilterman
Susan Mastoris Peebler
Dominique Robert
Brian H. Russell
Michael H. Seidner
Charles B. Smith, Jr.
Jeff Springmeyer
Robert Talley

Our mission:

"To encourage and support scientific, educational, and charitable activities of benefit to the general public, to geophysicists, and to the geophysical community."

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