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September 2014

Inspiring Geoscientists

Geoscientists Without Borders (GWB) is delivering results through 20 different field projects in 16 countries.

What can be more inspiring than being part of a major scientific discovery?

Amphipolis, founded in 438 B.C., was an Athenian colony of strategic importance. The area was rich in natural resources and served as an essential transportation center.

For years, archaeologists have found that the Kasta Hill area in Amphipolis contained evidence of historical significance. However, recent conclusive evidence supplied by Dr Michael Arvanitis and his GWB project team have led archaeologists to a large tomb of "extreme importance." The results of their geophysical surveys expedited the excavation of the surrounding area, saving thousands of dollars and man-hours. Archaeologists are now preparing to enter the tomb and with scientific rigor, will identify whose remains were laid to rest there.

This GWB project team will have stories that last generations!

Shared values, leveraging resources, Inspiring global geoscientists
The Geological Society of America's (GSA) Council has renewed its support to SEG's Geoscientists Without Borders® program.

Geoscientists Without Borders® projects are made possible through generous donations to the SEG Foundation. We need your help to reach more communities around the world!


We wish to thank these companies and our many individual donors.


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